Content writer + Team builder + Cookie baker

I write great content and web copy as a contractor for creative agencies. Most of my experience is with technology and energy companies, as well as tech startups – though as a communicator and project manager, I’ve helped numerous other organizations. I believe strongly in the connection between coding education and social impact. As the president of Bold Idea, I’m helping make that vision a reality for Dallas-area kids.

When I’m not sitting at my desk at The Grove co-working space, I’m exploring nature, helping my team dominate at trivia each week, leading my Girl Scout troop or baking delicious cookies. 


Want to Build Brand Loyalty?  Get Emotional

Communicators are psychologists. We are emotion-stirring, pull-at-the-heartstrings storytellers. And yes, we feel deeply. Where does it come from? Our EQ muscle, and we exercise it often to build loyal communities and passionate content.

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The Parable of the coffee shop

Two different business owners. Two different approaches to building a loyal brand following on social media. 

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Most photography provided by Jared Chambers